Monday, December 15, 2014

Make straight the way of the Lord

Steve and I co-wrote a reflection for our parish based on Sunday's readings. Check it out below:

"Make straight the way of the Lord." It sounds like a beautiful plan: spending Advent preparing our home and hearts for the coming of Christ. The only problem is, it doesn't happen. It can't happen. We do not have the capacity to make straight the way of the Lord. Partially because of our own sinful nature, of course, but also because life happens. Sometimes we can't prepare because of a recent death in the family. Sometimes we can't prepare because we are facing the brokenness of our family. Maybe we don't like the pressures of the season to be joyful and outgoing when we are facing down our own depression.

It's okay. If you are a person who loves Christmas and is ready or hates Christmas and is never ready, it's okay. Whatever you are feeling this holiday season, it's okay and you are not alone.

Jesus is coming. Whether we are ready or not, whether we want it or not, Jesus is coming. Jesus is coming into the world to be with us at our joyful, boisterous family Christmas, and our solitary, painful Christmas. Whatever our feelings coming into this season are, Jesus meets us and loves us there. Not as we should be, but as we are. 

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